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Furkan Acarel

For more than 15 years, Furkan has been involved in various fields of digital marketing. He graduated in Advertising from Kadir Has University in 2009 and entered the industry the same year. Until 2016, he worked in roles such as copywriting, content marketing, strategy, and project management. He provided branding and performance-focused expertise in the online journey of numerous brands across different agencies.During his journey, he gained experience working with well-established institutions like Digiturk, Selpak, iddaa, Borusan, and AkSigorta.

From 2016 onwards, Furkan specialized in Performance Marketing. He became an expert in "Social Media Advertising" and managed a team of 12 people, overseeing the digital advertising management of leading Turkish brands such as, LC Waikiki, Migros, MediaMarkt, Boyner, Beymen, Vestel, D&R, Gratis, and Domino’s Pizza.

Currently, at SEM, Furkan continues to lead 360-degree marketing activities and manages the entire digital journey of brands as an "Account Director."

In addition to all these activities, Furkan contributes to the industry by providing online training in the Social Media field, nurturing new professionals in the sector.

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